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Plumbing Myths that are Bad for Your Business

There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding plumbing. If you’re running a business, you need to keep your plumbing systems in check if you want to prevent unwanted interruptions that stem from something like a gas leak or a blocked pipe. Certain plumbing problems can be easily prevented by taking proper action, but like anything, misinformation [...]


Keep Your Hot Water System Running Smoothly

Hot water units are such a convenient thing to have in commercial or residential places, where people spend long periods of time. That’s why it can be quite a nuisance when they suddenly stop working and you have no idea why. In times like these, both domestic and commercial plumbing services are key in helping [...]


Preventing Common Restaurant Plumbing Issues

One of the issues that a restaurant can unfortunately encounter once in a while are plumbing problems that can interrupt the workflow of the whole place. As a lot of restaurant equipment and facilities heavily rely on sewage, drainage and water systems to smoothly function, it should be a priority to stop plumbing issues from [...]


Top 4 Causes of Clogged Drains

  Successful businesses have an obligation to keep their operations running smoothly at all times, so activities behind the scenes need to be managed with careful consideration, and that primarily includes maintaining the sanitary conditions of workplaces. CPM’s commercial and Industrial plumbing services are the best way to keep business properties clean and orderly, with [...]


DIY Plumbers

With all the reality renovation shows currently on our TV screens, it's little wonder so many of us think renovating is easy. When something leaks or breaks many householders think they can simply repair the problem themselves and go about purchasing the items they think they need to make the repair.  One man found out [...]


Happy Australia Day

Australians celebrate our national day Whether you're playing cricket on the beach, relaxing at home or having a BBQ, Australia Day is always a great day to be with family and friends and celebrating this great country of ours. It the wake of recent events, this years Australia Day gave many Aussies the chance to celebrate [...]


Are you ready for the Holidays?

The holidays are fast approaching, schools nearly out and you're getting excited about the next few weeks lounging on a beach. This time of year hundreds of families hit to road for the Great Aussie Holiday, whether it be camping by a beach, river or in the bush the roads are always much busier this [...]

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