Burst Pipes and Water leaks

How do I Know if I Have a Leak or Burst Pipe?

If the water pressure in your system all of a sudden decreases or you have low flow, if you’ve unexpectedly got a huge puddle where there shouldn’t be one, or if your water bill increases for no apparent reason, you may have a burst pipe.

What Causes Pipes to Burst?

Pipes can burst due to tree roots, being pierced or by excavation, pipes may also freeze which may make them expand to the point of bursting. Older pipes may rust away allowing the pipe to leak or burst.

Sonar Detection

CPM Plumbing are able to locate water and gas leaks under concrete, hard stand areas and turf using our Detection Sonar technology. Using pulses sent out we are able to detect problems underground and find the solutions to your problem. This enables us to fix the leak/blockage causing minimal damage to surrounding areas.

Burst Pipes Emergency Repair

Burst pipe Call now and one of our emergency plumbers at any time of day or night will be at your door promptly to rectify the problem adequately. Our friendly skillful Plumbers can repair and replace all types of pipes in an emergency nightmare like burst pipes.

Flood Damage Restoration

Busted Water Pipes or Leaks could be a total Disaster not only can we assist you with a plumbing solution but we also can provide help with your insurance claim if you have a valid claim. We can also help with Flood Damage Restoration.

What to do if you have a Burst Pipe

Safety Procedures

While CPM Plumbing makes their way to your premises you can do the following to help limit the further or possible damage caused by a leaking/burst pipe.

The water damage from a burst hot or cold water pipe can be substantial causing structural and electrical damage to your home or office so it’s important to turn the water supply off as quickly as possible.

  1. Turn off the water supply

Turn off the main shutoff valve/stopcock. This is usually situation or located at your water meter at the front of the property. It may not be visible due to being either covered by an overgrown garden. It can usually be found just inside your front boundary in line with the left or right corner of your house.

  1. Drain the system

Then drain the system by turning on all your cold taps and flushing your toilets. When the taps stop running the leak should stop

  1. Turn off Hot Water Units and heating systems

Switch off the Hot Water Unit, if electrical turn off power or if gas turn off valve at unit. Once Hot water unit has been shut down, turn on the hot taps to help drain the system.

  1. Turn off the Power

If water from the burst pipe is leaking near your electrics or electrical appliances, switch off the mains immediately. If the mains switch is wet, don’t touch it or you could risk electrocution! Call a qualified electrician immediately.

  1. Your Safety

If you notice water leaking from the ceiling you can catch dripping water in buckets. However, if water has been leaking through for some time and the ceilings are bulging, rooms may not be safe to enter.