Roofing leaks, Gutters, Skylight Sheeting & Ventilators

Roofing  – Gutter Repairs and Replacement

CPM Plumbing commercial and industrial roofing with over 40 years of experience and enables our clients to relax with the peace of mind that their project will run smoothly but more importantly safely from start to finish.

CPM Plumbing is your commercial industrial roof refurbishment and re-roofing specialists.

Services include

  • Maintenance and re-roofing services
  • Roof repairs and refurbishment
  • Leak detection and prevention
  • Asbestos sheeting removal.
  • Wall cladding and flashing.


Good quality guttering is essential. Heavy rain is not uncommon in the Melbourne area and your roof’s guttering must be well equipped to handle the conditions. If your guttering is leaky, rusty or overflowing, then you might need to replace it. Give the team at CPM Plumbing a call, as we can help you with all your guttering needs from repairs to replacement.

CPM plumbing can assess the features of your roof and take them into account when selecting your new guttering size and type. Doing so allows us to provide the best possible guttering for your roof. This means that your guttering will be able to drain your roof effectively when the next heavy deluge arrives. Alternatively, if you only need some specific repair work, then our maintenance team can reseal or repair your existing gutters and extend their lifespan. We have over 40 years of experience, so we’re familiar with guttering systems and how they work.


Most falls injurie’s are caused from falling from heights off ladders by people attempting to clean out gutters or repairs roofs.

You can’t afford to send a person up a ladder today without prior training.

Don’t Risk It.

Call the Experts Now -CPM Plumbing

Skylights & Translucent Sheeting

CPM Plumbing can bring the light into your factory or office. Over time your existing skylight sheeting will deteriorate from UV sunlight damage, storm or wind damage and cause a lack of light or worse still, water leaks over your stock and equipment. We can arrange our Working at Heights trained team at CPM Plumbing to remove and replace your old sheeting or install extra skylight sheeting to improve your work place. Our team have all the necessary training and work safe methods to access your roof safely and carry out repairs or replacement works.


With the replacement or installation of new skylight sheeting it will improve your daytime lighting within your premises and thus reducing the need for power to lighting by up to 80% no water damaged to your equipment or stock, reduce OH&S trips and falls with better visibility and a more pleasant and safe working environment for your team.


CPM Plumbing use only Australian locally made Amplite ventilators

Wind driven turbo ventilators are used the world over because of their low capital and installation cost, adaptability, high capacity per vent and reliability. Operation is simplicity in itself. As the vent hood is rotated by the wind, the stale inside air is exhausted through the vanes and the natural inward draw of air is boosted. Ampelair ventilators are efficient, impressive and reliable. Ampelair industrial ventilators are available in throat sizes from 150mm to 950mm, Mill finish and a range of Colorbond colours to match steel roofing. Ampelite can provide calculations on type, size and quantity for any industrial ventilation application. Ampelair Straight Vane (SV) Industrial ventilators are available in head only units or complete with either a Square to Round base or a Variable Pitch base.