Commercial and Industrial Services

With a strong safety record you can be sure CPM Plumbing will be providing highest level contract works with a keen eye on detail to ensure you achieve the desired outcome.


Commercial and Industrial Contract Plumbing services :

  • Fire Services : CPM can work with you through the steps of helping you comply with your requirements and make your site a safer site to operate in.
  • Trade Waste : We specialise in Trade Waste Solutions. Every situation is different, which makes getting the right advice for you situation critical.
  • Water Meter Theft : Water authorities are reminding property owners including those in new housing estates, commercial and industrial areas to make sure their properties are secure in relation to their water meters.
  • Industrial Plumbing : For over 30 years CPM have been working with Industry to provide on time and on budget Installations and Maintenance.
  • Food and Beverage Industry Specialists : CPM have for years been working with some of the largest names in the food and beverage industry.
  • Industrial & Commercial Skylight : Factories and workplaces need to be well lit and temperature controlled to provide a safe  working environment for all team members.
  • Commercial Plumbing : CPM has carved a name for itself as one of the premier plumbing contractors in Melbourne and regional Victoria.
  • Hot & Cold Water Flow Systems : CPM Plumbing can design in install a system to match your needs.
  • Meter Assemblies : CPM can build and install your meter requirements along with other backflow protection devises.
  • Gas : CPM plumbing gas fitters are specialist technicians and are able to repair, renew or install new appliances and fitting lines from small to large requirements
  • Process Water Reticulation & Cooling Towers : CPM Plumbing can provide you with a simple rain water recovery system for reuse in your toilets system to save money and help the environment

CPM Plumbing is your trusted commercial plumbing company in Melbourne. Call us for more details regarding our plumbing and other services!