Fire Services

Evaluation of your System:

When considering renovations or alterations to your building it is critical to be proactive in doing an evaluation on the site, our recommendation is be proactive, don’t wait for a false alarm before you assess your site.

Some of the things to be aware of:

• Your old fire system may have been altered or upgraded.
• The use of rooms in the building have changed.
• Detectors need calibration’
• A new addition has been made to the building

CPM can work with you through the steps of helping you comply with your requirements and make your site a safer site to operate in.

Fire Hydrant & Booster Connection Enclosures:

CPM’s objective is to provide a clear safe work area for both MFB access and to maintain the serviceability of pumpers.

Where fire brigade booster assembly enclosures are required they must be installed according to current approved guidelines. CPM recommend the enclosures be mounted and fixed to a solid concrete base free of vegetation ( 2 metre radius) to provide a safe working area for fire fighters. CPM work closely with the relevant authorities to ensure all necessary guidelines are met or exceeded.

Hydrostatic Testing and Maintenance of Fire Hydrant Systems:

Is required at different stages over the life of your system, from yearly inspections to six yearly pressure testing. Call CPM Plumbing on 03 9706 6881 for all your requirements.