Repairing Burst Pipes and Water Leaks

Fast and effective response when disaster strikes.

Busted Water Pipes or Leaks could be a total Disaster. Our friendly skillful Plumbers can repair and replace all types of pipes in an emergency nightmare like burst pipes.

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      How do I know if I Have a Leak or Burst Pipe?

      If the water pressure in your system all of a sudden decreases or you have low flow, if you’ve unexpectedly got a huge puddle where there shouldn’t be one, or if your water bill increases for no apparent reason, you may have a burst pipe.

      What Causes Pipes to Burst?

      Pipes can burst due to tree roots, being pierced or by excavation, pipes may also freeze which may make them expand to the point of bursting. Older pipes may rust away allowing the pipe to leak or burst.

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      We have been using the services of CPM Plumbing for over 10 years now involving project works and plant maintenance and couldn’t be happier with the service and the professionalism we receive from John and the team, they are always coming up with better and cheaper ways to improve our plant operations.
      Steritech, Pat Langley Operation
      Manager Ethylene-Oxide
      John and the skilled team from CPM are a new addition to the BPG list of contractors and we are so pleased to have such a fresh and energetic bunch working alongside our group, nothing is a problem, any request we make of their services they are only too happy to jump at the challenge, well presented team and quality jobs completed by all the staff.
      Brown Property Group Pty Ltd,
      David Main - Project Manager New Estates
      We are delighted to recommend CPM Plumbing for commercial plumbing maintenance and project works, as we have been using their services for a number of years now within the network of our clients and I must say they have been excellent in delivering project works and been on time with maintenance works and dealing with any plumbing emergency that we’ve had come along.
      Matchless Engineering,
      Michael Hardy - Director
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