Successful businesses have an obligation to keep their operations running smoothly at all times, so activities behind the scenes need to be managed with careful consideration, and that primarily includes maintaining the sanitary conditions of workplaces. CPM’s commercial and Industrial plumbing services are the best way to keep business properties clean and orderly, with drainage experts focusing on the problem areas where your operations take place. One of the major concerns they aim to tackle is the disruption of drainage flow, and these are some common causes of blockages.

Grease buildup

It is a common mistake to assume that some liquids are safe to pour into your drains. From your commercial or kitchen sink, the grease goes down until it cools in your drain pipes and solidifes. It then sticks to the walls of your pipes and begins accumulating more grease and dirt. Instead of pouring grease down the drain, let it solidify, then put it in a disposable container and throw it in the rubbish. It’s best to have a plumbing maintenance check on a regular basis to prevent this kind of blockage in your building.

Soap buildup

We usually use the drains of the commercial or kitchen sink for wastewater, but using soap is also a common cause of clogged drains. Soap buildup is also common when it comes to the drains of washrooms and showers. This is because soap can form a layer on the walls of your drain and eventually lead to clogged drain pipes.

Dead leaves and tree roots

This type of blockage occurs when your drains are outdoors and dead leaves and tree roots begin to clog your drain pipes. Tree roots head towards water, and dead leaves making their way through your drains can easily block the flow of water and cause issues.


The bathroom is a vital aspect of making your business look professional and appealing. A dirty and smelly bathroom can leave a bad impression and cause problems with your customers. Clogged toilets due to improper waste disposal of toiletries like tissues, cotton swabs and diaper wipes are the reason why your drains become clogged. Using plungers and cleaning the place regularly will certainly help with this drainage problem.

It’s important to have trained professionals working to solve your drainage issues and maintain the cleanliness of your building. CPM Plumbing offers quality industrial plumbing services that will contribute to the growth of your business by keeping your building in its best sanitary state.