Most times people can see they have a problem with their water pipes due to excessive amounts of water or fast flowing water on the ground, or coming in from the ceiling above, in this case the first thing you should do it turn off your water supply if possible, the isolation valve for this is usually location at the front boundary of your property. If you have done this or can’t locate the valve then call you industrial plumber.

Some time you may not know you have a water leak or burst pipe until your receive your water bills and it has skyrocketed seemingly out of nowhere, this is a good indication that you may have a serious problem due to burst pipes and you find yourself wondering how the issue arose in the first place. This is why it’s important to know industrial plumbers in your area to deal with such a big issue in your home or premises.

Here is an overview of the common reasons as to why water pipes burst:

Likely Causes of Burst Pipes

Your pipes are weak and unprotected

A water pipe undergoes moments of being under intense conditions, which means that weak and unprotected pipes will be more susceptible to burst if they are not in their best state. It is recommended you get some sort of maintenance and check-up on your pipes to make sure that you will prevent any water damage in your area.


Since water expands from liquid to solid, the water within your pipe that is experiencing cold weather is also likely undergoing intense pressure. If a pipe is experiencing this kind of pressure from the inside this can cause it to burst. It is a must to make sure that your water pipes, especially exposed ones, are insulated in a proper manner.

Water pressure

This can also be a common cause of pipes bursting due to excessive pressure build up or failure of pressure reducing valves with in the piping system.

Another common cause today with burst pipes are the flexible connection form the tap sets back to the supply point, these connections are normally under your sinks, laundry trough and basins, these flexible connector should be inspected annually and changed if the show signs of stress or expansion.

Proper maintenance and care are key in preventing any experience of water damages at any building that aims to have a place that remains free of water damage. CPM Plumbing offers industrial plumbing services guaranteed to assure you of maintaining your pipes in their mint condition.