We all want to keep warm in winter, but don’t let it make you sick.  Carbon monoxide poising can be fatal and many gas heaters if not serviced regularly can leak this gas into the air and you would not know until it is too late.   Many householders turn on their gas heaters to keep warm during these long cold winter months.  But when was the last time you had a licensed plumber come and service your gas heater?  Not sure?  Well it’s time to make that call.   It is recommended that you have your gas heater serviced every two years.

We have all heard the devastating news stories of families losing loved ones to carbon monoxide poisoning, don’t let your family be the next.  As recently as today, a family were admitted to hospital suffering serious carbon monoxide poising in their home, as reported on Channel 9 earlier today, thankfully reports are that the family are doing well, but it could have been worse.   This again highlights the importance of servicing you gas heater.

A service of your gas heater could save lives.   Energy Safe Victoria recently launched a new add outlining the dangers of a faulty gas heater visit www.esv.vic.gov.au for further details and don’t forget to contact a licensed plumber today and have your gas heater serviced.