One of the issues that a restaurant can unfortunately encounter once in a while are plumbing problems that can interrupt the workflow of the whole place. As a lot of restaurant equipment and facilities heavily rely on sewage, drainage and water systems to smoothly function, it should be a priority to stop plumbing issues from worsening and follow strict measures in order to fix them. However, the best option is always to minimise the possibilities of plumbing issues from occurring or prevent them from being a problem in the first place. Here are some tips to prevent common restaurant plumbing issues.

  1. Restaurant toilets

Restaurant toilets get a lot of use, and unfortunately not all patrons follow good etiquette when it comes to using the toilets. One tip is to always provide nearby or reachable waste disposals where tissues, feminine products or other disposable items can be thrown away. This will prevent them from choosing the supposedly more convenient but poorer way of disposing it, which is flushing items down the toilet. Paper hand towels are a major problem if disposed into the sewer pipe as they are not designed to breakdown like toilet paper. This can be very bad for the restaurant pipes, and can back up the sewer line. Electric heater/hand dryers and some small signage directing patrons to waste receptacles never goes astray either!

  1. Clogged drains

Due to frequent cleaning of products (especially with large quantities of food) clogged drains are a common restaurant issue. Employees should always be notified beforehand of what should and shouldn’t go down the sink. Often, food is disposed in the sink, which causes build up in the drains and pipes. Things like grease and oil are also things that should not be disposed of in the drain.

  1. Maintenance

Since restaurants are a fast-paced business best-practice isn’t always realistic (especially when it comes to remembering the site’s plumbing). So, a good practice is to have your restaurant equipment and facilities checked for signs of damage or trouble and have your plumbing systems checked regularly.

CPM Plumbing provides commercial plumbing services in Melbourne. We can offer regular system checks with our camera equipment and Hydro Jetter to clean the sewer system restaurants should make this a priority. If you need more help in the proper handling of plumbing for your business, contact us today!