Hey we are serious, in the past 12 months the number of water meters being stolen from commercial sites has exploded. Why?…..

It appears that the copper in the larger meters is attracting good money as scrap. Hence why the dramatic increase.

Imagine turning up to work and finding your meter has gone and you have no water. This is a very real possibility and it appears to be widespread across commercial sites in Victoria.

So what do you do?
You have 2 choices:
1) If your’s goes missing, call us straight away and we will have you back up and running in around 30 minutes from arriving on site. You will then have the cost and hassle of arranging and fitting a new meter.
2)  Instal a meter guard to prevent the theft in the 1st place. This simple preventative measure will save you dollars and downtime.

The CPM team can supply and fit Meter Guards to all size meters. Simply call the team to arrange a quote.