With all the reality renovation shows currently on our TV screens, it’s little wonder so many of us think renovating is easy. When something leaks or breaks many householders think they can simply repair the problem themselves and go about purchasing the items they think they need to make the repair.  One man found out why this is not always your best option.  Earlier this year, Channel 9 news covered a story on a householder who thought he could simply repair a leaky valve in his hot water system himself.  The results were horrific, with the man causing serious damage to his house.  These sorts of incidents highlight the reason why you should always contact a Licenced Plumber when your hot water services breaks down and is in need of repair.

Energy Safe Victoria ran an article on the dangers of DIY Disasters you can visit their website for more details at www.esv.vic.gov.au 
This article also appeared in the May- June Edition of The Plumbers Choice catalogue.  www.plumberschoice.com.au