The holidays are fast approaching, schools nearly out and you’re getting excited about the next few weeks lounging on a beach.

This time of year hundreds of families hit to road for the Great Aussie Holiday, whether it be camping by a beach, river or in the bush the roads are always much busier this time of year.  Packing and getting organised is always a challenge with so much to remember so the CPM Team came up with a few tips to help you enjoy your holiday and keep the kids happy!

* Has your car recently been serviced, including a brake and tyre check
* Check the caravan, make sure the tyres are still road worthy and the tyre pressures are adequate for towing
* DVD player working in the car – nothing worse then driving with kids for 8 hours and the DVD player is not working…believe me!! And don’t forget the DVD’s
* Plan your trip, make sure you have plenty of stops along the way
* At rest stops check everything is still secure
* Change drivers every couple of hours
* Keep snacks for the kids handy
* Arrange for your mail to be collected and ask someone to park a car in our driveway occassionally
* Turn off all appliances at home, at the power point, no need to pay for power whilst you are not there and turn the fridge down
* If you’re away for Christmas Day – remember to pack all the presents, no one needs angry kids Christmas Day.

Enjoy your Holiday