With every business trade waste solutions are important, whether your business is large or small, CPM can customise a Trade Waste solution to suit you.

5 things you need to know about trade waste to help with application.

1. You will need a specialized plumber in the trade waste area.
2. You will need to provide the volume of trade waste (litres) each day you are going to produce.
3. You will need to provide the MSDS of product you use in the process and cleaning.
4. You will need to allow 10 weeks to process an application.
5. You will require ongoing maintenance of the system you install. Here at CPM we have a maintenance team that take care of that for you.

Commercial trade waste contains large amounts of fats and oils, which can solidify in sewers and cause blockages. If your business discharges commercial trade waste, then you will need a commercial trade waste consent.

It is an offence to discharge commercial waste without a commercial waste consent. Water authority’s conduct a monitoring program to identify offenders. Severe penalties apply, including fines and possible criminal prosecution for breaches.

For all Trade Waste Maintenance and Solutions give us a call.